Evgenia Obraztsova – Portrait

To be strong, confident, independent from opinion of others and at the same time to remain surprisingly tender and feminine… To be a Prima ballerina with one of the best world’s companies and to raise the daughters. To obtain the wisdom keeping the charm of youth… We are happy to present our new film about the wonderful ballerina, the artist, the woman – Evgenia Obraztsova. The movie was shot in studios, auditorium and halls of the Bolshoi Theatre – Evgenia’s home place. Always perfect and irreproachable, the ballerina appears to us in the exquisite outfits by Tatyana Parfionova and in the unique jewelry by Tiffany & Co., which were specially given for the shooting. In her light and easy manner Evgenia talks about the way she has passed, her convictions, injuries, the destiny of a mother and a ballerina and about what the ballet means for her today. “I am simply glad to dance. The pleasure for me is to go onstage and to give these moments to the audience and to myself, because I am happy! There is such a step – to get pleasure of having my place in this art” – Evgenia Obraztsova.

Original article Evgenia Obraztsova – Portrait on La Personne.