La Personne Eco project – #WhereAreYourPointes

Sometimes the life rhythm dictates the rules, we are constantly in a rush to reach our goals and dreams. And it doesn’t matter what profession you’ve got. The big city life inevitably makes you moving faster and faster. And here you are: in the underground or going to work by car, you look in the café to get your croissant & coffee, you take a lunch-box and answering a question “Do you need the tableware?”… you nod. Then running to the theatre – classes, rehearsals, general rehearsals… The performance is over. On your way home, you come to the supermarket to buy some food for dinner, and you nod again when a salesman asks you “Do you need a bag?”

Probably, once between all these moments of your day, in your social media you will accidentally face a video that has been shot with a single goal – to attract attention, to stop a moment and to try thinking on consequences of our automatic thoughtless acts. A take-away coffee glass, tableware, a bottle of water, a bag from a supermarket – they all contain plastic. Yes, it’s comfortable for people, it’s easy and quick but it turns into disaster for our ecology. For everyone of us there is already a personal ton of plastic rubbish.  

Of course, we realize – it’s impossible to change the world with one post, but we’ve decided that we are able as a media to talk about it and to attract attention to the important things. 

For creating this video, we were inspired by Ksenia Shevtsova, the Prima ballerina with the Stanislavsky Music Theatre. This summer she’s launched an action “Stanislavsky against the plastic”, with which she touched a problem of plastic pointes recycling. More than 70% of the ballerinas in Russia dance in the pointes with the plastic box, if to pick up all those pointes, there is a huge quantity of plastic that kills our planet. Ksenia appealed to the dancers not to throw the pointes away, but to send them to recycling. 

We have been collaborating with Stanislavsky Music Theatre for a long time, the theatre has very innovative views and attitude towards the surrounding reality. The theatre has supported Ksenia in her undertaking to draw attention to the problem of plastic. As a result, a special container has been installed for picking up the plastic boxes from the pointe shoes and Ksenia personally brings all of them to the recycling.

“We are not able to limit the plastic consuming in a moment, but we definitely can limit the unconscious consuming. Sometimes we are using a glass for one second and throw it away. I don’t want to propagandize or make somebody refuse of plastic. No. But I’ve changed my attitude towards the question and I try to consume less plastic. It’s so easy, because primarily we harm ourselves”, that’s what Ksenia says about the attitude towards the ecological problem.     

Do you agree that it’s impossible to stay indifferent and not to respond on the simple but important things? 

You also can help our planet. Don’t throw your pointes away, take out the plastic box from the worn shoes and send to recycling. It will take a little time, but it will help to save our Home.  

Maybe, this project will inspire you to organize the gathering of shoes for sending them to recycling. We created the hashtag #WhereAreYourPointes, by which we are going to watch the ballerinas, supporting the project. 

Put this hashtag and tag us @lapersonnemag in your Instagram for we are able to tell in our media about your support of this action. 

Heartfelt thanks to Natalia Somova, the Prima ballerina with the Stanislavsky Music Theatre who has become the main heroine of our video and has also supported this project. 

Creators’ team

*The plastic used for shootings was sent to the recycling. 

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